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New Bestseller at CARL - Boots on the ground by dusk

Check CARL Holdings: Boots on the ground by dusk : my tribute to Pat Tillman

About this book: "On April 22, 2004, Lieutenant David Uthlaut received orders from Khost, Afghanistan, that his platoon was to leave the town of Magarah and "have boots on the ground before dark" in Mariah, a small village on the border of Pakistan. It was an order the young lieutenant protested vehemently, but the commanders at the Tactical Command Center disregarded his objections. Uthlaut split his platoon into two serials, with Serial One traveling northwest to Manah and Serial Two towing a broken Humvee north toward the Khost highway. By nightfall, Uthlaut and his radio operator were seriously wounded, and an Afghan militia soldier and a U.S. soldier were dead. The American soldier was Pat Tillman."

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

RAND New Publications: Counterterrorism

RAND Corporation
June 2008
Publications New Titles Newsletter

Topic: Counterterrorism

Counterinsurgency in Iraq (2003—2006)

Counterinsurgency in Iraq (2003—2006)

RAND Counterinsurgency Study, Volume 2

By Bruce R. Pirnie and Edward O' Connell

Paperback • 134 pages • ISBN: 978-0-8330-4297-2
The difficulties encountered by the United States in securing Iraq and Afghanistan despite years of effort and staggering costs raises the central question of the RAND Counterinsurgency Study: How should the United States improve its capabilities to counter insurgencies, particularly those that are heavily influenced by transnational terrorist movements and thus linked to a global jihadist network? This second volume in the series offers recommendations for future counterinsurgency operations, based on the U.S. experience in Iraq.

War by Other Means: Building Complete and Balanced Capabilities for Counterinsurgency

RAND Counterinsurgency Study—Final Report

Cover: MG-595/2

By David C. Gompert et al.

This capstone volume to the RAND Counterinsurgency Study draws on the others in the series and provides an examination of 89 insurgencies since World War II, an analysis of the new challenges posed by what is becoming known as global insurgency, and many of the lessons learned in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Paperback • 518 pages ISBN: 978-0-8330-4309-2

Evaluating Novel Threats to the Homeland: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Cruise Missiles

Cover: MG-626

By Brian A. Jackson et al.

As a basis for exploring defensive options, this monograph develops approaches for assessing asymmetric attacks using cruise missiles or unmanned aerial vehicles, a novel potential threat to homeland targets, in the context of other options available to terrorist actors and for identifying the factors that might make these technologies attractive to adversaries.
Paperback • 128 pages ISBN: 978-0-8330-4169-2

RAND New Publications: Defense Policy

RAND Corporation
June 2008
Publications New Titles Newsletter
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Topic: Defense Policy

Invisible Wounds of War

Invisible Wounds of War: Psychological and Cognitive Injuries, Their Consequences, and Services to Assist Recovery

Edited by Terri Tanielian and Lisa H. Jaycox

Paperback • 498 pages • ISBN: 978-0-8330-4454-9
Since October 2001, approximately 1.64 million U.S. troops have been deployed for Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq. Early evidence suggests that many returning service members may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Traumatic brain injury is also a major concern. But there is limited evidence about the scope of the problem or the most effective treatments. RAND conducted a comprehensive study of the post-deployment health-related needs associated with these conditions, the health care system in place to meet those needs, gaps in the system, and the costs associated with these conditions and with providing quality health care to those in need.

Small Ships in Theater Security Cooperation

Cover: MG-698

By Robert W. Button et al.

The U.S. Navy asked RAND to analyze necessary small vessel characteristics, focusing on theater security cooperation (TSC) operations with other militaries in sub-Saharan Africa. In response, the authors developed concepts of operation for employing small ships in TSC, translated TSC tasks into required capabilities, and derived recommended ship characteristics from these capabilities.
Paperback • 72 pages ISBN: 978-0-8330-4400-6 List Price: $21.50 Discounted Web Price: $19.35

The Challenge of Nuclear-Armed Regional Adversaries

Cover: MG-635

By David Ochmanek and Lowell H. Schwartz

To improve the United States' military and political leverage in situations involving nuclear-armed adversaries, a great deal more needs to be done to develop field capabilities, such as multilayered theater missile defenses and improved surveillance and target-tracking capabilities, that can prevent the enemy's use of nuclear weapons.
Paperback • 78 pages ISBN: 978-0-8330-4232-3 List Price: $21.00 Discounted Web Price: $18.90

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