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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Latest articles - Iraq War

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Sacrificed To the Surge. By: Spring, Silvia; Kaplow, Larry; Babak; Dehghanpisheh; Ali, Hussam; Mahdi, Salih. Newsweek, 4/14/2008, Vol. 151 Issue 15, p30-31, 2p, 1c; (AN 31586703)
The Warrior Returns. By: Quindlen, Anna. Newsweek, 4/14/2008, Vol. 151 Issue 15, p84-84, 1p, 1c; (AN 31586799)
Back in Baghdad. By: Ghosh, Bobby. Time, 4/14/2008, Vol. 171 Issue 15, p30-34, 5p, 1 map, 8c; (AN 31560642)
WASHINGTON WHISPERS. By: Bedard, Paul; Parker, Suzi; Omestad, Thomas; Skiba, Katherine. U.S. News & World Report, 4/7/2008, Vol. 144 Issue 10, p12-14, 2p; (AN 31548582)
Bush Vows to Stay the Course in Iraq. By: Walsh, Kenneth T.. U.S. News & World Report, 4/7/2008, Vol. 144 Issue 10, p16-16, 1p, 2c; (AN 31548584)
Campaign Warfare. By: Whitelaw, Kevin; Mulrine, Anna. U.S. News & World Report, 4/7/2008, Vol. 144 Issue 10, p34-36, 3p, 11c; (AN 31548595)
Presidential Contenders Will Have Key Roles In Senate Hearing On Iraq War. By: Morris, David; Anburajan, Aswini; Aigner-Treworgy, Adam; Jones, Athena. CongressDaily AM, 4/4/2008, p2-2, 1p; (AN 31564817)
Dems Eye Mid-April Markup Of War Funds Bill. CongressDaily, 3/28/2008, p9-9, 1p; (AN 31516809)
Democratic Challengers Trying To Shift Spotlight To Iraq. By: McPike, Erin. CongressDaily, 3/27/2008, p12-12, 1p; (AN 31470889)


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