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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Council on Foreign Relations: Middle East - Campaign 2008 - Pakistan - more

From the Council on Foreign Relations

January 17, 2008

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In this Issue:

Bush's Candor Marks Mideast Trip

Michigan, Choosing Romney, Names Economy Job No. 1

Pakistan Confronts Economic Tremors

Facing the Gas Pump Pinch

Bush's Candor Marks Mideast Trip

President Bush's Mideast trip focused as much on Iran as his plan for peace between Palestinians and Israelis. But he added insight on their shared future. Read more

Interactive Timeline: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Gwertzman Interview with William Quandt: Bush May Open Door for Mideast Peace in Next Administration

Op-ed: "Of Braveheart and Bush" by Max Boot (Wall Street Journal)

CFR Experts on the Middle East

Michigan, Choosing Romney, Names Economy Job No. 1

Mitt Romney won Michigan's Republican primary, a contest pivoting on the economy and U.S. competitiveness. Read more

CFR Meeting Video Highlight: The Role of Foreign Policy in Campaign 2008

Campaign 2008 Candidate Profile: Mitt Romney

Gwertzman Interview with Amity Shlaes: Economy Looms as Test for McCain, Clinton

Op-ed: "The Party of Ideas Needs Some" by Michael Gerson (Washington Post)

CFR.org's Campaign 2008 site

CFR Experts on U.S. Politics and Strategy

Pakistan Confronts Economic Tremors

Seized by political turmoil, Pakistan lowers economic forecasts and confronts serious questions over inflation and trade. Read more

Policy Options Paper: Pakistan

Gwertzman Interview with Richard Haass: Pakistan Faces "Prolonged Difficult Future"

CFR Meeting Video Highlight: A Conversation with Benazir Bhutto

CFR Experts on Pakistan

Facing the Gas Pump Pinch

As the presidential campaign accelerates, voters signal increasing concern over gas prices. Both parties offer a mixed bag of solutions. Read more

Backgrounder: Non-OPEC Oil Production

Backgrounder: Oil Market Volatility

Council Task Force Report: National Security Consequences of U.S. Oil Dependency

Campaign 2008 Issue Tracker: The Candidates on Energy Policy

CFR Experts on Energy

Sign Up for 2/5 CFR.org Co-Sponsored Event on Global Issues in Campaign '08

You are cordially invited to attend a discussion on February 5 co-sponsored by CFR.org, The Economist and NYU-Stern on the issue of immigration as it relates to the U.S. presidential campaign. Discussion participants include Edward Alden, Adam Roberts of The Economist, and Cristina Rodr�guez of New York University School of Law. Click here to learn more and to RSVP online.

CFR Experts in the News

U.S. Economy (1/16): Amity Shlaes discusses whether a stimulus is the best thing for the U.S. economy, on Bloomberg.com.

Global Poverty (1/16): Michael Gerson argues that "the crisis of the future will be a crisis of prosperity," in the Washington Post.

Campaign 2008 (1/14): Sebastian Mallaby argues that "the primaries encourage 'strategic' behavior that conceals true preferences," in the Washington Post.

War in Iraq (1/13): Noah Feldman writes that "Iraq has become the great disappearing issue of the early primary season," in the New York Times Magazine.

Iran (1/11): Mark Brzezinski and Ray Takeyh argue that recent developments reinforce caution and firmness as the right way to proceed with Iran, in the Boston Globe.

Turkey (1/11): Steven Cook argues that Turkey can play an important role in helping the U.S. achieve its interests if the U.S. can accept the differences between the two nations, on usip.org.

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