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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Council on Foreign Relations - Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan

From the Council on Foreign Relations

January 10, 2008

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In this Issue:

McCain, Clinton Take Round Two

Iran Looms over Bush Trip to Mideast

After Bhutto, Afghanistan Shudders

Kenya's Politics of Exclusion

McCain, Clinton Take Round Two

The economy and the Iraq war remained top concerns in New Hampshire where Washington veterans John McCain and Hillary Clinton won the nation's first primary votes. Read more

Op-ed: "Can Obama Build a Movement?" by Michael Gerson (Washington Post)

Campaign 2008 Issue Tracker: The Candidates on Trade

Campaign 2008 in Foreign Affairs: A Series of Articles by Top Candidates on Their Foreign Policy Agendas

CFR Experts on U.S. Strategy and Politics

Iran Looms over Bush Trip to Mideast

Iran looms large behind President Bush's visit to the Mideast. Some Israelis fear recent statements mean U.S. and Israeli interests in the region are diverging. Read more

Op-ed: "Iran's Provocation" by Walter Russell Mead (Wall Street Journal)

Foreign Affairs: "The Costs of Containing Iran: Washington's Misguided New Middle East Policy" by Vali Nasr and Ray Takeyh

Gwertzman Interview with Steven Erlanger: Low Israeli Expectations for Bush Middle East Trip

Backgrounder: Intelligence on Iran Still Lacking

CFR Experts on Iran

After Bhutto, Afghanistan Shudders

The killing of Benazir Bhutto sent shockwaves through Pakistani society. Now concerns are rising about the impact on Afghanistan. Read more

CFR Meeting Transcript: A Conversation With Benazir Bhutto

Backgrounder: Pakistan's Tribal Areas

Foreign Affairs: "Saving Afghanistan" by Barnett Rubin

CFR Experts on Afghanistan and Pakistan

Kenya's Politics of Exclusion

Analysts say Kenya's turmoil is an urgent strategic challenge. To confront it, policymakers must look beyond tribal politics. Read more

Article: "Africa's Restless Youth" by Michelle Gavin (Current History)

Media Conference Call Transcript: Kenya's Election Unrest

Backgrounder: Urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa

CFR Experts on Africa

Council Launches Redesigned Campaign 2008 Website

As the presidential race heats up, visit the Council's redesigned Campaign 2008 website. It features up-to-date coverage of the foreign policy issues affecting the campaign on the site's blog, The Candidates and the World, and its candidate guides, election issue trackers and links to other relevant Council and outside materials.

Council Meeting Audio: U.S.-Iran Relations

Listen to Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council, Barbara Slavin, senior fellow for U.S. Institute of Peace and senior diplomatic reporter for USA Today, and Carla Robbins, deputy editorial page editor of the New York Times discuss the future of U.S.-Iran relations at a recent Council meeting.

CFR Experts in the News

U.S. Economy (1/10): Amity Shlaes criticizes President Bush's proposals to deal with the prospect of recession, on Bloomberg.com.

Turkey (1/10): Abdullah Akyuz and Steven Cook discuss whether U.S.-Turkish relations are likely to improve, in the CQ Global Researcher.

Nuclear Terrorism (1/9): Michael Levi writes that the United States cannot confront nuclear terrorism without a realistic picture of the threat, in USA Today.

U.S.-India Relations (1/7): Daniel Markey looks at how the U.S. presidential election could affect U.S.-India Relations, on orfonline.org.

Middle East (1/5): Max Boot argues that the Arab-Israeli conflict may not have a 'solution' in the foreseeable future, in the Wall Street Journal.

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