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Friday, November 2, 2007

Popular bestsellers and new titles at CARL in October

Most popular bestsellers at CARL - Oct 2007

Fiasco the American military adventure in Iraq

Finding Noel

Making money a novel of Discworld

almost moon a novel

Clapton the autobiography

ice cold grave

Shadow of the Silk Road

Deceptively delicious simple secrets to get your kids eating good foods

The Afghan

Most popular new book titles at CARL - Oct 2007

day of battle the war in Sicily and Italy 1943 1944

Twelve great clashes that shaped modern America from Geronimo to George W Bush

Ulysses S Grant 1861 1864 his rise from obscurity to military greatness

Exit Rommel the Tunisian campaign 1942 1943

Invading Mexico Americas continental dream and the Mexican War 1846 1848

Mugged by reality the liberation of Iraq and the failure of good intentions

Charm offensive how Chinas soft power is transforming the world

Battalion of the damned the 1st Marine paratroopers at Gavutu and Bloody Ridge 1942

Wolf of the deep Raphael Semmes and the notorious Confederate raider CSS Alabama

United States Special Operations Forces


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