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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Embedded Media

Read online these Perspectives on Embedded Media: Selected Papers from the US Army War College "Executive Summary: Five USAWC resident student papers — Information Operations and the New Threat; The Media and National Security Decision Making; Embedded Media: Failed Test, or the Future of Military/Media Relations? ; Leveraging the Media: The Embedded Media Program in Operation Iraqi Freedom; and Embedding Success into the Military Media Relationship — review the successes and failures of the OEF/OIF Embedded Media Programs and provide recommendations and predictions of future difficulties with respect to evolving relationships between the media and the military."

Here are some recent titles by or about War Correspondents: In an instant : a family's journey of love, courage, and healing by Bob Woodruff

Blood brothers : among the soldiers of Ward 57

The military and the press : an uneasy truce

Journalists under fire : information war and journalistic practices

Killing the messenger : journalists at risk in modern warfare

Related podcast - University Channel presentation: " The Media as Junkyard Dog: One Journalist's Journey From Secret CIA Prisons to the Walter Reed Scandal"

Summary: "While the "War on Terror" and the debate about its constitutionality continues, concerns about the system of American democracy and its morality are at the center of our national life. As the link between the government and the American public, the media are responsible for informing American citizens about Federal policies and practices, and the government's actions and inactions...In this time of war, what role should the media play? Is there a conflict between legality, ethics, national security and defense? And what exactly does having freedom of the press really mean?"


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