Monday, March 31, 2008

PBS Frontline Presents: BAD VOODOO'S WAR


Tuesday, April 1, 2008, at 8 P.M. CT on PBS

In June 2007, as the American military surge reached its peak, a band of National Guard infantrymen who call themselves the "Bad Voodoo Platoon" was deployed to Iraq. To capture a vivid, first-person account of the new realities of war in Iraq for FRONTLINE and ITVS director Deborah Scranton (The War Tapes) created a "virtual embed" with the platoon, supplying cameras to the soldiers so they could record and tell the story of their war. The film intimately tracks the veteran soldiers of "Bad Voodoo" through the daily grind of their perilous mission, dodging deadly IEDs, grappling with the political complexities of dealing with Iraqi security forces, and battling their fatigue and their fears.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

New at CARL: The Commission : the uncensored history of the 9/11 investigation

Check our holdings: The Commission : the uncensored history of the 9/11 investigation

Summary from the Book Jacket: "In 2002, the most important federal commission in decades was established to examine the events surrounding the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. In 2004, the 9/11 Commission issued its unanimous report to broad acclaim." "Now, in this groundbreaking investigation of the 9/11 investigators, veteran New York Times journalist Philip Shenon reveals stunning shortcomings in the Commission's work - a series of oversights, omissions, and distortions that raise fundamental questions about 9/11 and the government's failure to prevent it." "The Commission is an eye-opening account of how Washington really works: the manipulations of politicians, the secrets of intelligence officers, the battles over information, the pursuit of truth."

Related podcast: Listen to this C-Span After Words interview of the author Philip Shenon

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New at CARL - Beyond the green zone

Check our holdings of this title: Beyond the green zone : dispatches from an unembedded journalist in occupied Iraq

Dahr Jamail has spent more time reporting from Iraq than almost any other US journalist. In these collected dispatches, Jamail presents never-before-published details of the siege of Fallujah and examines the origins of the Iraqi insurgency.

Book Review: the Nation magazine

Watch this Book TV C-Span Interview with the author

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The World This Week: Taiwan - Iraq - Iran - more

March 21, 2008

In this Issue:

Politics in the Strait

The Iraq War: Five Years On

Conservative Conundrum in Iran

Talking to Hamas?

A new president in Taiwan may herald an era of better relations with China, though events in Tibet have energized Taiwan's campaigning. Read more
Backgrounder: China-Taiwan Relations Interview with John D. Negroponte, Deputy Secretary of State: China Mostly "In Sync" With U.S. on Iran
Task Force Report: U.S.-China Relations—An Affirmative Agenda, A Responsible Course
CFR Experts on China and Taiwan

On the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war, offers a selection of recent analysis and other resources to provide context to the conflict. Read more
Council Special Report: After the Surge—The Case for U.S. Military Disengagement from Iraq
Interactive Slideshow: Five Years of War in Iraq
Campaign 2008 Issue Tracker: The Candidates on Iraq
CFR Experts on Iraq

Western powers criticize Iran's election, but the vote could weaken Iran’s president and advance an explicit if unstated goal of Washington and its allies. Read more Interview with Farideh Farhi: New Iranian Majlis Will Be Critical of Ahmadinejad on Domestic Issues
Op-ed: "Iran's Orchestrated Elections" by Ray Takeyh (International Herald Tribune)
CFR Meeting Video: Intelligence Analysis—Continuity and Change with Thomas Fingar, Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis
CFR Experts on Iran

Talking to Hamas?
In an interview with, Steven Cook says he sees no chance the United States would deal directly with Hamas in the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue. Read more
Foreign Affairs: "The New Middle East" by Richard N. Haass
Interactive Timeline: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
CFR Experts on Israel and the Palestinian Authority

New Council Book on Sharia and the Islamic State
In The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State, Noah Feldman tells the story behind the increasingly popular call for the establishment of sharia—the law of the traditional Islamic state—in the modern Muslim world.
Click here to read the transcript of a recent Council meeting with Noah in which he discusses his new book and the issues it addresses.

CFR Experts in the News
Iraq War (3/20): Amity Shlaes breaks down the cost of the Iraq war, in the Chicago Tribune.
U.S. Economy (3/19): Amity Shlaes argues that the Democrats, not the Republicans, are repeating Herbert Hoover's mistakes, on
Campaign 2008 (3/19): Michael Gerson writes that Obama's speech on race in America did not explain "his strange tolerance for the anti-Americanism of his spiritual mentor," in the Washington Post.
Sharia (3/17): Noah Feldman looks at the role of sharia in modern Islamic politics, in the New York Times Magazine.
France (3/11): Michelle Smith and Charles Ferguson evaluate Sarkozy's nuclear deals in the Middle East, in the International Herald Tribune.

Daily Opinion Roundup Added to E-Newsletter Offerings
The Council's signature morning e-newsletter, the Daily News Brief, now includes a summary of opinion pieces from the new Daily Opinion Roundup,'s selection of op-eds and editorials from the U.S. and abroad. You can sign up to receive both here.

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